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Stay Relevant By Discovering The Unknowns

Businesses are riddled with complexities that need speedy resolutions. With fragmented data residing across several different systems, lack of near real-time insights and complex supply chain cycles, businesses find it hard to optimize their operations. Relevance Lab’s Agile Analytics practice discovers the unknowns, from structured or unstructured data, and delivers solutions that help improve key business parameters such as costs, revenues, cycle time or service outcomes.

Understand how you can keep your business relevant with Agile Analytics.

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Optimize Complex Supply Chain Processes And Thrive

Enterprises with complex supply chain processes need to optimize data with quick, deep and rich analysis enabling them to address, resolve or optimize their supply chain challenges. Our solutions have helped pharmaceutical majors, CPG companies, medical device manufacturers and others, to gain insights, improve productivity and enjoy savings in millions.

Your business can accelerate productivity challenges with Agile Analytics


Why Choose Us?

Relevance Lab’s mission is to provide Agile Analytics to businesses with the trifecta of speed, flexibility and responsiveness. Now get faster, near real-time, quantifiable and actionable insights responsive to dynamic business needs, that are relevant and contextual.

Data Insights In Weeks

Easier Data Modeling With Indigenous Tools & Framework Based On Domain Expertise

Identify Gaps And Root Cause Analysis Across Supply Chain Modules Through Functional Expertise

Our Focus Is On Data Exploration, Visibility, Usability And Improving The “Consumption Of Data”

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Our Solutions

Relevance Lab’s Agile Analytics has overcome supply chain challenges for many enterprises. Our team of expert analysts has helped customers resolve many business problems such as purchase price variance, inventory management, unstructured data analytics, and many others; by leveraging latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Download our Case Studies to understand Agile Analytics in action
Global Batch Traceability

Helping a global pharmaceutical major save millions in reverse logistics and improving compliance and quality

Purchase Price Variance

Enabling global procurement contract compliance by auto-connecting ERP systems using machine learning to deliver savings of $5 million annually

Medicine Waste Reduction

Identifying issues at a discrete material level through supervised modeling and machine learning to reduce total medicine wastage by 10%

Inventory Management

Automating and developing a visual and text searchable image index by connecting multiple image sources saving several man hours and optimizing inventory

Supply Chain Visibility

Enabling an MNC manufacturer reduce their inventories in the Asian geo by 10%, while improving their SLAs in 8 weeks

Unstructured Data Analytics

Building scenarios with Google-like search capabilities to reduce time and cost of ERP implementation by 20%+

Keep Your Business Relevant. 
Discover The Unknowns
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